Position and Pawn Tension in Chess by David H. Levin, published in 1993, is a middle game manual with a list price of $13.95. 128 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", ISBN 0-9638001-0-8. (Note: there's a discounted price for "hurt" copies. For details, click on "Availability" under "Published Books Menu.")

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Section NamePage #
Preface i
Chess Notation and Related Terms iv
Introduction: What is Pawn Tension, and Why be Concerned with it? 1
PART I: Position  
Section 1: Positional Elements that can Decide the Game 6
Section 1.1: Pawn Islands 6
Section 1.2: Poorly Posted Piece 12
Section 1.3: Spectacularly Posted Piece 16
Section 1.4: Weakened King's Position 23
Section 1.5: Control of Open Files 26
Section 1.6: Territorial Advantage 30
Section 1.7: Weak Squares 39
Section 2: Offsetting Positional Elements 45
Section 2.1: Superior Development as Compensation for Weak Pawns 46
Section 2.2: Piece Pressure as Compensation for Weak Pawns 54
Section 2.3: Superior Development as Compensation for Weak Squares 63
Section 2.4: Material Advantage as Compensation for Weak Squares 68
PART II: Pawn Tension  
Section 3: Handling Pawn Tension 76
Section 3.1: Some Good Reasons to Relieve Pawn Tension 76
Section 3.2: Some Good Reasons for Sustaining Pawn Tension 79
Section 3.3: Analysis of a Tension-Filled Position 82
Section 4: Creating Pawn Tension 103
Section 4.1: Some Good Reasons to Create Pawn Tension 103
Section 4.2: Some Good Reasons to Refrain from Creating Pawn Tension 110
Conclusion: Putting it All Together 113